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“Singles” can play "Doubles", too (as well as Couples)!

CSC Tennis is a non-competitive, social co-ed league consisting of approximately 24 – 28 players. The league plays on Friday nights Fall, Winter & Spring (you can join the league during sign ups for any session). The sessions run for 10 weeks in the Fall & Winter, 9 weeks in the Winter. We accommodate experienced and beginner players:

Why You Should Play Tennis

“You just want to look and feel fit, and work up a sweat while you're at it. The treadmill? Too boring. Lifting weights? Ditto. What sport will give your body and mind a workout while letting you enjoy the excitement of head-to head competition, all in the time that it takes to watch the first half of a football game? There’s only one, and that’s tennis!” Okay, I’m all for that and you should be, too! Come and join us for pro-led tennis drills and participants’ doubles play - not only to develop skills, but to cut health risks, also!

Don’t want to commit to every Friday? Split spots are available.  Only want to play occasionally?  CSC members may join our sub list.

Fall Doubles & Drills - 2017     Register Now for Doubles & Drills  Fall Tennis is full!  You are welcome to sign up to sub if you are a member of the Columbus Ski Club. 

2017 Fall Tennis Sub Signup

Signups – Sept. 6th - Play begins on Fridays, Sept. 15 and runs through Nov. 17

Doubles and Drills:  $206 ($212.18 with online service fee)

Players begin at 6:30 pm with an hour of drills led by Elysium tennis pros. From 7:30 pm to 9:00 pm we play matches which run about 20 minutes each. At the end of 20 minutes players are rotated.

A minimum skill level of 2.5 is required. This level indicates the participant should:

  • Be comfortable with and understand some doubles strategy, and
  • Be able to keep the ball in play for both drill situations and social play. We have a nice range of ability levels from 2.5 to 4.0.


Fall Play & Learn (Beginner's Clinics) 2017  Fall Tennis Play & Learn  We can take a few more players.

Signups – Sept. 6th - Play begins Sept. 15 and runs through Nov. 17

Play & Learn Beginners - $150 ($154.50 with online service fee)

Play runs on Friday evenings from 7:00 – 8:30 pm and is for players new to tennis or those who are below a 2.5 ability level. Clinics consist of 1 1/2 hours of drills and doubles play led by an Elysium pro.


Social Life – Join us every Friday after tennis for dinner and drinks!

Summer Tennis

Summer tennis is open to Columbus Ski Club and non-members, alike.  We always hope to generate interest in the Fall, Winter, and Spring tennis league through our summer tennis program.  There is no sign-up and no fee.  Just show up if you want!  We begin at 6 PM on Friday nights (starting 5/22) at Hilliard Davidson High School, 5100 Davidson Road, Hilliard, OH 43026 and generally play until dark.  Can't get there at 6 PM?  Come as soon as you can, however, the more people we have there at 6 PM allows for us to get more courts.  All levels are welcome, but some experience with tennis is requested. 

Be prepared to join us afterwards for drinks and/or dinner!

Elysium Tennis

7637 Commerce Pl
Plain City, OH 43064 (614) 873-8749


(near St. Rt. 33 & Post Rd.)

Fridays @ 6:30pm